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Ad Block Detector Pro | Light-weight Pure JavaScript HTML Code (50$ OFF!)

AdBlock Detector Pro is a pure yet powerful JavaScript HTML code that helps you identify whether an ad-blocker is being used on a user’s browser. If an ad blocker is detected, it shows a popup message to users, asking them to disable their ad blockers. See It LIVE On My Faucet Website See It LIVE On My Shortlink Website See It LIVE On My Wordpress Website    

AdLinkFly – Monetized URL Shortener Script Premium with Key


AdLinkFly is the Best URL Shortener Script in The Market. If you want to start your own shortlink wesbite like FlyLink then this Script is a great offers to you.

Auto Ad-Rotator Script – Add Auto Rotating Ads On Faucets/Blogs/Websites e.t.c

This script will allow you to add auto rotating ads on your faucet, blog, e.t.c. Have you noticed how hard

Daily Bonus Addon For Vie Faucet Script

This addon will allow your faucet users to claim daily bonus every 24 hours, you can set how much you

HIVE Pink CSS Premium Theme : Adlinkfly Theme

  • Comes With New UI For Both Frontend and Backend.
  • Super Responsive Pink CSS for All Buttons.
  • Floating Pink and Blue CSS.
  • Responsive Home Shorten Area.
  • User Panel with Super User friendly Look.
You Can Use This theme On Unlimited Sites. PHP Code – Add Ouo URL Shortener On Vie Faucet Script

This lates PHP will allow you to add ouo shortener on the vie faucet script and allow you to